To ensure you get the best prices and quickest delivery, these products are sold and shipped directly from the marketplace seller.

The delivery speeds and costs for marketplace items vary by Seller, and are displayed on the product page and during checkout before you confirm your order.

If you order items from more than one seller you will receive more than one delivery.

How it works

The seller specify their own delivery options, and to make sure their delivery times are fair and reasonable. Their delivery options and charges can be seen on their product details pages, in your basket and also confirmed before you checkout.

All Hmall sellers are committed to keeping their delivery prices are fair and reasonable.

Tracking your Order

You can easily track your order by viewing your order history in your account here. You will also receive email and texts with tracking information and updates on your delivery. You can also get in touch with the seller directly if you have any questions (look for "Contact Seller"). If you’d still like more help, get in touch with us – we’ll be very happy to help.

Late delivery

Very occasionally, unavoidable factors can delay a delivery (bad weather or postal strikes, for example). We do ask for your patience if this happens – the seller will be doing their very best to sort it out for you.

If your items haven't arrived within the delivery time and you haven't heard from the seller, something may have gone wrong. Get in touch with seller to let them know. Once you’ve done this, if you’d still like some more help, get in touch with us – we’ll be very happy to help.

See the Returns & Refunds policy for more info on refunds for late or non delivery.